Being an advertising firm, your every second is valuable for us . we are not going to waste it at any cost . Team "Maitra" captured and featured memorable events , commercials and documentaries & compiled them into wonderful stories.
With Experienced in-house photo & video production team, we're able to bring your brand in the most effective way possible.


Team Maitra never “underestimate” your “estimate”. We care about your result with little share from your pocket.
We are always engaged in telling amazing stories and creating meaningful consumer experiences through content , creativity and connectivity.
We assure to connect across all media touch points through our advertising services.
We are so much passionate about our advertising routes to deliver best in class, innovative media solutions on behalf of our clients.
Team Maitra is always ready to take responsibility for the whole of a brand’s media ecosystem.
Our Teammates believe to create innovative advertising media campaigns that works on possible cases which brings real business growth to clients.
Within short span of our career , we demonstrated uplift in media performance across TV, Print, Digital and Radio . We create personalized, targeted experiences between Brand’s and their business.
As per our track record ,We maintained long-term partnerships based on brand values and the wider integrated communications strategy.
In short , We made successful use of raw expectations received from your end to transform modern media campaign via our advertising ideas.



Team Maitra always excited to deliver complete package of design which includes Logos & Iconography, Brand Feel & Look, Product Design & Packaging, Design of Branded Spaces
Brand Design is the first step of your growth. We are here to define what your brand stands for through our designs with dedication. Customer Goal is always defined by your brand, created by our design. Through interactive designs, Team Maitra make customers to articulate both the functional and emotional values of their brand.
We are here bring your brand alive through logo, marketing materials, web design, walkthrough’s and many more. Our Team works to convey your message is on brand and strictly relevant to your audience.
With our designing team , Maitra serves content to stay high on organic rankings and remain relevant in this competitive market.
Whether you need to launch a new brand, want help to get your message across efficiently, or simply plan to create a new brand identity, we can. With customized designing services to match unique voice, we can give your business a fast track growth.


Our team believes to make perfect combination of social media channels, expanding reach, and driving conversions to make your brand stand out from the rest. We work on the content and performance reach hand in hand for the best results. We are here to build relationships on the principles of reliable and long-term partnership.with clients and their digital media presence .


If you want to organize an event, just call us, fix the date and relax, we will care for the rest.
When it comes to event, you may see some good names in the market , but we are too good at what we do. Event management is exciting, challenging work. We’ve learned from years of doing it, and doing it well even now.
Our team strive to create memorable, inspiring, wonderful experiences for your guests, delegates, speakers etc .
Team Maitra have all P’s among this for event management Work – People with skills , Priority to customer, Punctuality of Service.
We manage from venues to registration to program planning and management We attained a “sixth sense” when it comes to anticipating potential problems and dealing with them before even the guest or host notices
We are here to do best in event management service, the most creative ideas and attention to every minutes details . Team Maitra cares for brand, industry, and culture, to identify the strategy best suited to satisfy your objectives. We believe in keeping in touch to update with every step of the planning process from idea conception to implementation to post events .